We are so glad you are interested in using Saint Louis University's public object store, RERUM! Want to know what RERUM is all about?

  1. As RESTful as is reasonable—accept and respond to a broad range of requests without losing the map
  2. As compliant as is practical—take advantage of standards and harmonize conflicts
  3. Save an object, retrieve an object—store metadata in private (__rerum) property, rather than wrap all data transactions
  4. Trust the application, not the user—avoid multiple login and authentication requirements and honor open data attributions
  5. Open and Free—expose all contributions immediately without charge to write or read
  6. Attributed and Versioned—always include asserted ownership and transaction metadata so consumers can evaluate trustworthiness and relevance
Application Registration

Interacting with RERUM requires server-to-server communication, so we suggest the registrant be the application developer. You may want to learn more about the concepts around RERUM before reading the API.

If you are here for the first time and think you want to use RERUM, please read the API first.

If you like what you read in our API documentation and want to begin using RERUM as a back stack service please register by clicking below. Be prepared to be routed to Auth0 (don't know why? Read the API).

After registering, you will be returned to this page with an Auth0 Authorization code. Use that code at the bottom of this page to get a refresh token and an access token so you can use the API. You may notice the page has already populated known information for you.

Auth0 Authorization Status

If you believe you are already registered and want to check on your status, follow the prompts below. You will be routed to Auth0 so we can verify who you are.

Auth0 Status UNKNOWN
Test RERUM API Access

Provide your access token below to check if it is still valid. If so, your access to RERUM will be authorized. Otherwise, you will see an "unauthorized" message.

If the token you have is not working, it may be because access tokens expire every 2 hours. You can use your refresh token to get a new access token.

Get A New Access Token

Your access token to use RERUM expires every 2 hours. Has it been that long or longer? Provide your refresh token below to get a new access token. If you lost your refresh token, you can get a new one in "Get A New Refresh Token" below.

Get A New Refresh Token

You can supply a valid Auth0 Authorization Code to get a new refresh token. Use "Check my Authorization Status with Auth0" to get a valid code.

Enter your code: